relationships matter.


Do you find it difficult to know which friend to talk to when? We do too! To solve this we bring Zestful. 

Lets create a world where people prioritise meaningful relationships! Curious? click here


about us

Technology is great, but not when it starts degrading our friendships. We want you to talk to your friends, call them, see them... And not just your closest friends, all the other ones you care about! We want you to always know who to call no matter your goal. And never feel like a bad morning has to keep going on. So how do we want to do this? 



Using machine learning we can tell you which friends are best for which goals.


70% of people fail to achieve their goals! We aim to improve this using your friendships and our machine learning algorithms.




By tracking your mood and your friends' we will be able to recommend you who to talk to when. 


Fun fact: Having a friend who is happy and lives close by can increase your happiness by as much as 25%!




Just to add a bit of excitement, we'll make sure add some randomness as well.


Want to know more about why your weaker connections are useful? Check out Stanford sociology professor Mark Granovetter's theory "The Strength of Weak Ties".



You'll get the biggest reward with us - meeting your friends. We'll further provide you with points that you can redeem for free dinners, Uber journeys homes and lots of other adventures!